Everybody who’s anybody knows Zoltar, the magic fortune teller machine from 1988’s Tom Hanks movie ‘Big’. Thanks to Zoltar a young man grew up overnight and learned that being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Well sadly Zoltar couldn’t use his powers to grant himself and everlasting spot at Rye Playland in New York. Just like everything else the Pepsi company has now muscled it’s way into BIG territory and replaced Zoltar with a Pepsi vending machine. Either that, or someone must have gotten pissed with the damn thing and wished it into a Pepsi machine.


OK, we know Zoltar was a prop created for the movie and never actually had any life at Rye’s  layland outside of filming, but this is a classic historical spot. Ya don’t put a goddamn Pepsi machine there. There are tons of historical landmarks that get preserved throughout time, why can’t certain things like this get the same treatment?

For more photos of the Rye Playland (a.k.a. Zoltar’s cinematic haunts), be sure to check out Scouting NY’s site report. [Spotted on MAKE]

Via: io9

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