‘Machete’ Recapped in One Minute of Claymation


So…here’s something we missed in between New Years and Christmas. Lipton Brisk Iced Tea broke out a Claymation commercial for YouTube, featuring Danny Trejo recapping the plot of ‘Machete’, complete with slicing guys in half, some lovemaking, and a lot of hand-washing. Honestly, it’s F’N great! To tell you the truth I would’ve felt better paying $10 for this than the actual movie, which I was so disappointed in.

Apparently, this is the second coming of the Lipton Claymation commercial series, which previously featured likenesses of Rocky Balboa, Daniel from The Karate Kid and Bruce Lee (HIT THE JUMP TO CHECK EM’ OUT). Hey, if Lipton wants to get a piece of the nerd market and compete with Mountain Dew then these bad-ass videos are the way to go.

What do you think they should do next?

Source: slashfilm

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