Yes folks, the future is here as a demonstration from the 3rd ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Project, held in Yokohama, Japan, showcased a humanoid robot that has potential helping out in the house.

THKR-4 is a robot that was built from store bought components (that’s right folks, it’s possible for you to maybe build one) and while it does take its sweet time to get the job done, it was able to grab a bottle of booze from the fridge and serve it to a person. Not only that, the THKR-4 went on to give a massage.

C’mon, you know you would totally want one of these if they mass produce these things. It may not be the flying cars in a suitcase from The Jetsons but it’s close to having a Rosie. And remember, if you do want it to massage you down there, just hope it doesn’t malfunction and it’s grip gets strong (or maybe you’ll like that).

Source: Alafista

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