Doctor Who Marries His Daughter

If Doctor Who marries himself does it count as Masturbation?

In what could be called a ‘Woody Allen’ move the time traveling Doctor Who is going to marry his daughter. No, this isn’t another BBC Doctor Who special it’s actually going to happen, just not in the way you’d think. David Tennant, the tenth doctor, is set to marry fellow ‘Doctor Who’ alumni Georgia Moffett. Moffett played the female clone/daugher of the Doctor back in a 2008 episode of the BBC series. In a strange twist Georgia is the daughter of the fifth doctor, played by Peter Davison. After this wedding actually takes place Doctor Who fans everywhere are going to have some pretty twisted fanfiction getting pumped to the internet.

As for the actual date to when Tennant and Moffett will tie the knot that’s been set for January 1, 2012. Does this mean that the end of the world isn’t due to meteors or a global disaster but Doctor Who marrying his female self? The TARDIS had no comment at this time as to wether it will be present at the wedding or not except “Once you’ve had one Doctor you’ve had them all.”

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