Sure, there has been little word on on Marc Webb‘s upcoming rebooted ‘Spider-man’ movie , which is still in development. We’ve seen Emma Stone in Blond hair (as Gwen Stacy). We’ve heard puttin’ on the suit made Andrew Garfield cry and we’ve heard Martin Sheen and Sallyfield will play Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Beyond that we don’t know shit! However, we now we have our first look at Andrew Garfield and fellow actress Emma Stone on set in Los Angeles. Emma really fits her part as the first love interest of the young Peter Parker, but does Andrew fit into the spande?. Granted these are out of costume shots between Peter and Gwen you’d think he at least be wearing the suit. What’s with the hair, gone is the slicked hair of Spider-man 3 and in with the bed head look Andrew always seems to be sporting.

Check out the on set dynamic between Andrew and Emma after the jump.

These pics were snapped during filming on a LA high school and fitted to the stereotypical scene between hot Gwen and awkward Peter. This could very well be the “Go get’um tiger” (calm down nerds. I know Mary Jane says that, not Gwen. Just STFU and roll with it) part of the film being it’s just the two of them and no spider suit in sight. It could be a very pivotal part of the movie, either that or Parker busts his webbing all over his jeans. Can’t clean out spider webs with just detergent Peter, remember that. He even looks straight at the camera as if saying “Yeah, I kissed Emma Stone what of it??”

Quick word of advice to the studio figureheads: Release an actual picture of Garfield in the classic blue and red soon before the bloggers beat you to it.

OK, here is all we know in regards to the film:

Marc Webb directs Spider-Man, which will release on July 3, 2012. Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker and Spider-Man (well, a couple stuntmen and many computers will also be Spider-Man) and Rhys Ifans is presumably the Lizard. Martin Sheen is Uncle Ben, Sally Field is reportedly cast as Aunt May, and Denis Leary is the father of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).  Campbell Scott (Roger Dodger, The Spanish Prisoner) and Julianne Nicholson (Kinsey, Little Black Book) are Parker’s parents, Richard and Mary Parker, who leave their son an orphan.

Irrfan Khan (Slumdog Millionaire, The Darjeeling Limited) will play Nels Van Adder was a former research assistant who volunteered to become a test subject for a chemical developed by Stromm and Norman Osborn, which results in him becoming a villain named Proto-Goblin.  Annie Parisse (Rubicon, National Treasure) will play Van Atter’s wife. Chris Zylka has been cast as Eugene ‘Flash’ Thompson.

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