Cathy Ward a 49 year old woman from Reading braved 22 hours of intensive needle work in order receive a tattoo image from one of her favorite movies… Twilight.  This Cathy’s first tat (so wait, this chick held off getting a tattoo for this many years to get a Twilight tat??)  To each their own I suppose.  I will say though, this is some serious dedication.  Now I love movies and pop culture and what not but that’s beyond my love of art.  Sure, there are TONS of dedicated “Twihards” out there but what made this woman SO much more dedicated than the rest,

“Despite working in the cake department, she ditched calorie-laden foods in favour of getting stuck into the popular books and movies- and dropped 14 dress sizes in just six months.”

However, Cathy’s not done yet.  She plans to spend another 12 hours getting work done on her torso in order to display more Twilight images ok, now that’s just ridiculous!).  So what to you guys think about this Twilight superfan?  Check out Cathy’s Twilight tat after the jump!  And if you were to get a tat of one of your favorite movie images what would it be??

Source: Geekologie

cathy twilight tat

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