A First Look Into The Newest Starz Series, Camelot


There is a three minute promo out for the newest series on the Starz network, Camelot. Sure sure, you say that this theme has been done before.  But it looks like this might actually have a chance at being really good, and we should be willing to give Starz the benefit of the doubt.  After all, they did give us Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which was awesome.  Who isn’t up for seeing the Camelot ladies in their unmentionables?  You know there will be the two B’s.  Blood and boobs.

Video is below, but for those of you too lazy to watch it, let Nerdbastards sum it up for you.  They said you will see the sword in the stone, you will see King Arthur and his Knights, you will see the lady in the lake, and you might see the beginnings of a round table.  Sounds like good times!  Check out the preview.

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