Wonder Woman TV Show NOT Happening


Woo Hoo, Wonder Woman is dead….the planned television series that is. Y’all know my disdain for Wonder Woman. She is such a bore. Hot, but completely un-interesting. When I heard  that David E. Kelley was pitching a new live-action television series about the amazon princess I said “well that’s stupid” then proceeded to play with my penis. A few years back, Joss Whedon threw his hat in the Wonder Woman ring. He wanted to take the character to new levels. Break ground and chance out of the old mythos and give us a WW with solid character, true heart and put some ‘meat on the bones’ so to speak. As we know that didn’t work out either. So, if it didn’t work out for Joss, then what hope did David E. Kelly have? Not a chance in hell. With his first script in hand, the show has gone out to all the major networks. And they all passed. Hehe, not one bite.

Why? Well, that’s up for speculation. EW speculates on fears that networks didn’t want to be making their own Bionic Woman, and cites the high cost of the show. Deadline says it was definitely too expensive for the CW, that Fox passed on what was essentially a courtesy pitch, and that there was really no chance the show would find a home at ABC given the current ABC/Disney/Marvel ties. CBS couldn’t come to a consensus, and NBC’s own structural problems meant it wasn’t going to happen there, either.

Look,  T.V. execs  know movies and shows based on super heroes are still trending.They want the next great super hero show. Is Wonder Woman it? Certainly not. The quality of character not withstanding, it’s simply because she’s a woman. I’m not trying to be sexist. I’m simply saying that Sci-Fi television series with female leads tend to not do well. “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “Birds of Prey” and “Bionic Woman” come to mind. Of course, there have been some successful ones as well. ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, Alias’ and ‘Dark Angel’, but those where rare cases. Wonder Woman is an icon. She is a symbol for female empowerment, but lets make no mistake, we don’t like her. We like the idea of her.

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