There I am on a Sunday afternoon, clicking through YouTube videos looking for something interesting while I listen to the playoff game in the background.  Hey, there’s some Super Hero Cosplay videos.  Cool, I’ll just click on this one and check it out.  Cool, the fight begins . . . wait, that’s not a “very” superhero-ish kind of hold.  Oh no, what’s she doing  . . . wait, he’s . . . now she’s touching.  I can hear George Takei in my head saying, “Ohhhhh My”

Is this a TSA training video?  “How to take down and search an unruly passenger at the same time?”  If my High School wrestling coach had touched me that way . . . oh no, memories returning.  Great, now I am gonna have to re-repress those memories with a couple bottles of Tequila and a box of Twinkies.

I am all for the sexy heroine stuff.  I love a good Power Girl drawing.  I’ve even dipped into the superhero parody porn.  This stuff though, it just feels wrong.  Wait, not wrong, just dirty.  The kind of dirty that you don’t want your friends or family to know about.  Shower time dirty, with lots of soap, some crying, maybe a little singing . . . “All around me are familiar faces . . . worn out places, worn out faces . . .”

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