Gostbusters 3 Script Complete


As we reported a few days ago, Ivan Reitman (the director of both Ghosbusters and Ghostbusters 2) gave out a bunch of information regarding the much discussed sequel, Ghostbusters 3.

Cinemablend spoke on Friday with Mr. Reitman who told the website, “Virtually everything you’ve read on the internet (about Ghostbusters 3) is not accurate.” Addressing reports that the movie was slated to begin production in May, Reitman revealed that a cast still had yet to be locked down, although he added that the production has “some actors who seem to be interested in doing it, a ton of interest in the film.”  What actors? It all seems dependent on Bill Murray who has yet to read the script for the film.

Here’s what Reitman had to say about the script and Murray:

We have a really good script, but Bill (Murray) has to read it. He hasn’t read it. There has been all kinds of chatter online about him reading it and not liking it. He has not read a thing. He’s never read anything. And I just sent it to him. So we’ll see. God knows how long that will take. But we’ll see.

He goes on to say how the internet has not got one bit of news right.

There is almost nothing that is accurate online about that film… There is nothing… I mean, all these stories… there has been a ton of stuff about casting, about who’s in… none of it is true.

And now, we have more developments!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bill Murray now has the script, as well as pretty much the entire production hinging on his approval.

So, hopefully we’ll hear some news soon that Murray gave the ok and that production can start!

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