All I can say is – About friggin’ time!

After months (hell, even years) in developmental hell with numerous problems regarding fires in WETA and union strikes, the long awaited prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies, The Hobbit, finally gets some good news.

Gandalf himself, Sir Iam McKellen, as well as Andy Serkis (who plays Gollum) have officially signed on for the two Hobbit movies. While this is not groundbreaking news, as they were both expected to return, it certainly is welcome.

As far as I am concerned, as a fan of both the books and movies, The Hobbit could not be done without McKellen and Serkis reprising their roles. So, I’m overjoyed at the news!

Recently, we’ve heard quite a bit of Hobbit news (courtesy of GeekTyrant):

Elijah Wood also signed a deal recently to return as Frodo, and Cate Blanchett will play Galadriel once again. There’s an offer currently out to Orlando Bloom to return as the elf Legolas, but the deal isn’t set in stone yet.

Martin Freeman is already set to play Bilbo Baggins is both films. As for the rest of the cast, Richard Armitatge (MI-5 and Captain America: The First Avenger) will play Thorin Oakenshield, the leader Company of Dwarves that sets off to fight the dragon and reclaim the Lonely Mountain.  Kili and Fili, members of the Company of Dwarves will be played by Aidan Turner (Being Human) and Rob Kazinsky (Eastenders) respectively.

Graham McTavish who starred in Secretariat will play Dawlin.  John Callen who starred in Power Rangers Jungle Fury will catch a major break as Oin.  Stephen Hunter of All Saints will play Bombur. Mark Hadlow who starred in King Kong will play Dori.  Rounding out the cast is Peter Hambleton, who starred in The Strip will play Gloin.

Shooting of both films begins in New Zealand on February 14th

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