The wonderful world of internet is filled with awesome stuff that could inform you about things in such a fast rate but is also filled with fake stuff that could make you look like an ass. Every week, it seems that we get some sort of leak on upcoming films and it seems that Script Flags has found a leaked draft on the upcoming Dark Knight Rises film. Sure, there may have been previous leaks before but this seems more authentic and if this was a fake one, then apparently it’s a really good fake according to Script Flags.

Here’s some of the info that came from said leaked script:

– The assassin Deadshot is broken out of prison and brought to Gotham City
– Crime is way down in Gotham, and Batman has become more of a myth than anything else
– Batman has a Batwing-like aircraft called “The Wraith”, a rebuilt Wayne Manor and Batcave, and an EMP-equipped Batmobile
– Wayne Enterprises is struggling with competition (and a lawsuit) from Daggett Industries, and Lucius Fox feels he must turn against the irresponsible Bruce Wayne
– The villainous Black Mask has hired Deadshot and is working with Roland Daggett, although it’s unclear who he’s been hired to kill (probably either Batman or Bruce Wayne, of course)
– Edward Nashton has the Riddler’s name but Hugo Strange’s character, as he has figured out Batman’s identity and uses this to mess with the Dark Knight’s head
– Commissioner Gordon and a Detective Adams are heading up a taskforce to catch Batman
– Talia al Ghul makes a brief appearance

Now remember, this may still possibly be fake since it is the internet but what do y’all think of all this info from the leaked draft? Do you hope any of this will be in the actual film or is there something you would change?

Source: io9

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