Watchers of the Marvel superhero movies, at least the live-action ones, have had Stan “The Man” Lee in some cameo at one point or another. From a hot dog vendor in X-men, a security guard along side Lou Ferrigno in 2003’s Hulk and most recently as suspender fanatic Larry King in Iron-Man 2. If the studio needs someone to play a one time cameo that nerds will scour two hour of film to see it’s Stan Lee. Well it looks like they need the services of “Captain Excelsior” once again, this time for Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot.

Thanks to the magic that is the social media hub that is Twitter Stan has covered most of the news himself. In a series of ‘tweets’ the 88 year-old gave first news that something was in the works for ‘The Man’.

What will Stan be this time? Check it out after the jump.

Uh oh! Hold everything! I just had the most exciting phone message– but Joanie’s calling me for dinner. Tell you tomorrow. Excelsior!

Oh snap! You know it’s good news when Lee starts with “Uh oh!” In a story to good to end Stan today wrote:

It’s been an exciting week for me, but I got a phone call last night that really flipped me out! I’m bustin’ to tell you about it–

My pal Avi Arad, producer of the new Spider-Man movie, called to tell me how excited he is about the film. Then came the surprise—

Avi told me my cameo is all set for Spidey 4, and when he described it, I realized it’s the best, most unusual one yet!

I wish I could tell you what my cameo is, but that would kill the surprise. But I’ll tell you this much—I’m finally in an action scene!

Since it’s common knowledge that people go to the movies just to see my cameos, I don’t know why EVERY movie doesn’t have one for me.

After we save the world, our next mission will be to convince Hollywood to have an Oscar for Best Cameo. Till then—Excelsior!

We already know your a truck driver in Thor, so why not spill the beans on who you’re going to be in the Spider-man reboot. As for an action scene the man is 86 for god’s sake, I doubt they’ll be tossing him from wires with explosions everywhere. For all we know that action could be copping a feel on Peter’s Aunt May. Well have to wait and see what it’s going to be July 3rd, 2012 when Spider-man 4 web-slings into theaters everywhere.

Any ideas on what Stan Lee is going to be? Drop your theory into the comment box below.

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