Peach and Zelda Catch Up


Princess Talk, It’s the Devil

Every video game princess gets captured once and awhile, only to be saved by their significant other by the end of the game. After countless times of getting kidnapped Princess Peach and Princess Zelda just like to sit back and chat about what happens in their castle. You don’t realize what you have in common with your fellow woman until you sit down, drink some potion and talk. Just what do these ladies of the Nintendo universe talk about though? Thanks to the comedy site College Humor, we get a special glimpse into a conversation meant only those that wear more bling than Mr.T.

Curious about princess talk? Check Out The Vid Below:

Ain’t that about a bitch. You spend 15+ hours heading from castle to castle and she enjoys getting captured. Next time your virtual lady heads out, watch what she holding caring in her purse. If it’s nothing but massage oil you might as well leave her, take all your rupees and get a new princess.
Via: College Humor

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