I always wondered when my love of Spiderman and Nascar racing would connect.  I just figured it would be a Nascar car with the Spiderman logo or maybe a driver with a Spiderman fire suit and helmet.  I never imagined it would be my unspoken desire to see crazy wrecks would combine the two.

Thanks Julie Taymor and Bono!  You managed what no one else could.  You combined my childhood love of Spiderman with my redneck love of Nascar danger!

Now just about everyone from Saturday Night Live, The New Yorker (Check out the cover above), blogs with thousands and blogs with ten followers have taken their shots at Spiderman the musical disaster.  College Humor put together a great little mockumentry video interviewing people out in front of the show.  These are my people.  Wait now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anyone to get hurt . . . but the sweet anticipation of the possibility is intoxicating.  That’s why fail videos go viral.  Enjoy!

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