Bleach Anime May Be In Its Last Season?


Ichigo vs. Aizen may be the last battle that Bleach anime fans may see as a recent blog post has some fans questioning the status on the TV series.

ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D recently blogged how the anime will start using their song as the new ending theme and commented how the song is fitting for the anime’s final season. The blog post was removed later on, but the wonderful world of internet was able to retain a web cache of the post.

With the manga still setting up the new story arc and the anime catching up in a quick rate, it does become something to think about. What I would like to see, since you know, I am the anime guy, is that Bleach go on a hiatus like the Gintama anime did. This way, we can at least prevent the filler hell that Naruto fans went through before Naruto: Shippuden started.

Who knows what will happen as no official announcement has been made. Either way, I don’t want to see a filler episode where Ichigo pees on somebody just like Naruto did when he pissed on Ino… yeah, that happened.

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