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So recently the Hollywood Reporter gave us a short list of actresses being considered for Dark Knight Rises.  Now a few of the names may not surprise but there are definitely some that I didn’t see coming.  Keep in mind when checking out these awesome ladies being considered that they are “supposedly” playing the role of Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter.

Being considered for the role are Keira KnightleyAnne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Kate Mara, Charlotte Riley and Gemma Arterton.  Personally, I think Hathaway would be amazing.  However, Kate Mara or Charlotte Riley would make great choices and give us some fresh faces to see.  Supposedly, each one of these actresses has a scheduled screen test for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman project.

Now, the only person who may not work out for project is Arterton, who may have scheduling conflicts due to her role in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.  So what do you guys think of these lovely ladies? Do any of them have the acting chops to compete with Nolan’s ex female leads (Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhall)??

Source: SlashFilm

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