Deadpool Usurps the Green Lantern Trailer

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Long time readers will know that I am a big fan of the Marvel Comics character, Deadpool (AKA the Merc with a Mouth).

I got the full low-down on the Deadpool script before it got yanked off the Internet by Fox, and think that it could be one of the most faithful and amazing superhero movies ever. If only they would actually make it!

Ryan Reynolds, who played the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (and the less said about that film the better), is a huge fan and wants to get the movie done. But, since he is an in demand actor, the window shrinks pretty fast for Fox to put the movie into the fast track for production. I hope they do it soon!

So, Deadpool finally got off his lazy ass and decided to use the recently released Green Lantern trailer for his own nefarious, and NSFW, doings.

Check out the foul-mouthed mash-up video featuring Deadpool (seamlessly photo-shopped onto Ryan Reynold‘s face) below:

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