Gah! Spider-Man Has Web Shooters!

So, by now I imagine y’all have seen that pic of Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man costume (below). The collective opinion seems to be *I like. I like. I like*. I have yet to encounter anyone who hasn’t embraced this fresh new look. Now, something the majority of us overlooked is what appears to be web shooters at the wrists. Say what? OK, for you lower functioning nerds, who only know of Spider-man from the previous 3 movies, the true character of Spider-man does not shoot heaping wads of spider webs from his skin. Peter Parker is a scientist. In the comics (and every other medium) he did some science stuff (fuck, don’t ask me. I’m no scientist) and created web shooters. Metal brackets that are strapped to the wrist and fling out spider webs from enclosed “web fluid” cartridges.

Having webbing organic to his spider body was retconed for the movies. This of course sent Spider-man purists into a fit of rage. I of course welcomed the change, cause it made sense. If Parker is going to have all the abilities of a Spider then whey the hell can’t he ejaculate some webbing? Anyway, back to this new Spider-Man. If you look closely at the wrists you will see small, circular pieces of metal. Me thinks that indicates web shooters. Heck, it could just be some snazzy cufflinks. Eh, nah! Looking at the photo it sure seems pretty clear that Spidey will be sporting his patented mechanical web shooters.

While many in the past have complained about Raimi’s “organic” web shooters, many have already expressed their disdain for the original version saying that it’s not very believable that a teenager could concoct them in his basement.

What are your thoughts?


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