Sean Hartter has been busy.  He’s been slipping back and forth through alternate dimensions and time lines collecting some of the greatest movie posters ever seen.  There’s some inspired casting in these movie posters.  Eastwood as Wolverine?  HELL YES!  Bruce Lee as Iron Fist?  YES!  Oh no, I think I soiled myself in excitement.  No, just knocked over my beer.  Damn, that makes me even more upset.

On a scarier note, combine these poster ideas with George Lucas buying up the rights to dead actors.  One day soon we may start seeing some of these movies come to life.  Once the technology is out there, don’t for one second think that fanboys won’t make their own movies, just like they do now.  Only then they’ll have access to the stars they want to cast.

Wait, I didn’t see any Nathan Fillion casting in any of those.  What the Hell Sean?

Want to see more?  Click the jump.  Hey!  What star would you recast in a favorite SciFi or nerdy film?  Throw us your thoughts in the comments section after the jump.

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