Will There Be A ‘TRON 3’?


Whether you NerdBastards loved it, jizzed all over it, or hated it, it seems that TRON: Legacy has made quite the profit when you add up it’s total worldwide gross. Which now leads to the question, will there be a TRON 3?

According to Ain’t It Cool News, Disney is close to announcing a third film as they feel that they have a legit (which means money making of course) franchise in their hands. With two TRON cartoon series supposedly happening, it may help leading a third film in the franchise. Here’s the quote from Ain’t It Cool News:

And this was the happy word I received today on the Grapevine of Industry Insiders.   TRON LEGACY, a film that many people loved, and a lot of people wanted more from, and that a very vocal minority incessantly bitch about… is getting close, incredibly close to having its SEQUEL announced!

While it took 28 years for us to get one damn sequel and it seems it won’t be long for a second sequel to happen, what would you like to see happen in the third film? Where do you think the story should go from here and for you folks that were disappointed by Legacy, what should the third film do to make you nerdgasm over it?

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