Final Fantasy XIII-2 May Be Happening


When Final Fantasy XIII was released, there were many gamers who expressed (whined) their feeling towards the game and the whole JRPG genre. When it was all said and done, FF XIII was just another standard RPG that can be enjoyable as long as you put in hours (like 45-50 of it).

Thanks to internet folks that likes to monitor domain names being registered, cause you know that’s a cool hobby, noticed that “Corporation Service Company” has registered the domain Seeing how CSC also registered as Square Enix’s official hub of the game, it’s easy to see what the company is doing here.

Now I got no problem with Square Enix making a sequel for FFXIII but how about we fucking see Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII come out before XIII-2 since those two game are part of the whole Fabula Nova Crystallis (don’t ask me how I remember this) universe. Or how about fixing Final Fantasy XIV so that it’s playable and likable.

Oh right, I’m calm now. If we do see XIII-2 come out, would you want it to be a straight up sequel or would you like to see it take another spin like X-2 did with the dress spheres? Or should they pull a Dirge of Cerberus… or maybe not.

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