Wonder Woman TV Series NOT DEAD. Only Mostly Dead.


As I have said many times before, I hate Wonder Woman. No, I’m not sexist. I don’t hate her because she’s a woman. I hate her because she’s not all that wonderful. She’s never had any good stand alone stories. She has zero noteworthy villains. She, above all else in fundamentally broken.

Now, remember that Wonder Woman TV show I told you that was being developed a while a go? The one by David E. Kelley, the creator of Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Legal? Well, he pitched the show and it was turned down by every network. See, I’m not the only one who thinks Wonder Woman is the equivalent of wiping your ass with your finger and smelling afterwards. It stinks. She stinks.

Well, despite the fact that that broadcast networks have passed on his Wonder Woman script this week , Kelley is still delusional that his vision of Wonder Woman will come to our TV screens next year.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, the T.V. mastermind explained that the script was “rolled out very late in the game” and that he would come back to NBC with the project (the network reportedly passed on it because of “executive reshuffling”).

Kelley thinks NBC — which also happens to be the home of his upcoming newest legal drama series, Harry’s Law — would be a great home for his vision of Wonder Woman under incoming programming chief Robert Greenblatt.

Kelley said, “I like to think of it as a smart script, and I know he responds to smart material,” and that his vision of Wonder Woman should be explored as a “real complex woman and not just a superhero.”

If the show STILL doesn’t get picked up, Kelley mentioned that it was a “possibility” that Wonder Woman could end up on a cable channel.

This is David E. Kelley were are talking about. You’d think every studio would simply just give him keys to the kingdom. It must be the share budget of what Kelly has in mind that is makin’ studios run scared. Regardless, even with Mr. Kelley attached I still can’t fathom how a Wonder Woman television series would work. I suppose any direction is better than the stale, un-interesting figure we have now. Despite my opinions of the character I would think studios would wanna snatch this up. Woman would watch because of female empowerment and guys would watch because of BOOBIES.

So what do you think? Is it wishful thinking on David E. Kelley’s part? Is there still hope for Wonder Woman on TV?

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