Can a movie by the band members of Angels and Airwaves actually be good?  Despite the trailer leaving us a  tad but confused (to say the least), this thing actually looks pretty cool.  Love, a science fiction film directed by William Eubanks, who’s an up and coming indie filmmaker takes us on one trippy journey through space.  The movie, as well as it’s soundtrack are provided by the members of the band.  So what exactly is there to love about this movie?

Well the plot is a good place to start.  The story revolves around astronaut Lee Miller (Gunner Wright) who ends up getting disconnected from earth and is forced to the small confounds of his shuttle.  Throughout the film we’ll see Miller attempt to deal with his unfortunate situation, hallucinations and how he’ll survive.  Sounds pretty badass, right?

Also, this thing visually looks spectacular (how the hell does an indie film have this kind of budget?)  The space scene and battle scene are really well done.  I mean, I’m not saying it’s the next Tron but is certainly looks better than most crappy sci-fi shit out there!

So the only thing I’m left wondering is will I love Love??  What do you guys think?  Does the spectacle that is the trailer for Love, leave you dumbfounded or is it just dumb?

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