The summer of 2010 was memorable for me for 2 reasons. 1. I learned what a great pocket vagina a KFC Double Down made. Meat. Bacon. Cheese. The combo made for some great masturbatory lovin’. There is nothing like hot cheese and warm chicken “sleucing” (you have to be a fan of our bastardcast to understand that reference) off on your genitals (please note that I am only kidding about having sex with a sandwich….or am I?) 2. “Mortal Kombat Rebirth”. It was an 8 minute video/trailer – starring Michael Jai White (Spawn) as Jax and Jeri Ryan (Startrek: Voyager) as Sonja Blade- that put a realistic take on the Mortal Kombat franchise. A huge departure from any film based adaptation we’ve seen in the past. Representational of the fighting game and it’s characters, but in a modernized setting. It was brutal and disgusting, offering inspired suspense and horror from films like Seven and Saw.The short film was directed by Kevin Tancharoen. He aimed to pitch his piece to studios in hopes of showing what could be done with property.

Well, good news and bad news. The bad news. It’s not going to be a feature-length movie (bummer). The good news. It has been green-lit for a 10-episode web series.

The series, which begins filming February in Vancouver, is written by Rebirth director Kevin Tancharoen, Todd Helbing, and Aaron Helbing. The fighters expected to appear include Shang Tsung, Liu Kang, Durak, Sub Zero, Kabal, Kitana/Mileena, and Scorpion. The plot does delve into the supernatural — Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung are rumored to be gods from an alternate dimension whom the Kombateers must defeat.

I would have loved to see this turn into a movie, but a ten episode series could be pretty brutal. If these webisodes are as good that trailer (below)  I’ll have an erection lasting more than 4 hours. I’ve been aching for some R-rated Mortal Kombat! Hated both movies ’cause of their child friendly approach with the second one being the worst. This just proves that fan-boys know better. Of course time will tell, but at the moment consider me siked!

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