Wil Wheaton Gets Scary ‘In the Dark’


Ed Brubaker has put together a trailer for a short film featuring Wil Wheaton titled In the Dark. Ed promises that the complete film will be out soon.

Why should you care?

Ed Brubaker:
  • 2010 Eisner Award – Best Writer (Captain America, Criminal, Daredevil, The Marvels Project, Incognito)
  • 2010 Eisner Award – Best Single Issue (Captain America #601, with artist Gene Colan)
  • 2008 Eisner Award – Best Writer (Captain America, Criminal, Daredevil and Immortal Iron Fist)
  • 2007 Eisner Award – Best Writer (Daredevil, Captain America, Criminal), Best New Series (Criminal with Sean Phillips)
  • 2007 Harvey Award – Best Writer (Daredevil)
  • 2004 GLAAD Media Awards – Outstanding Comic Book (Catwoman by Ed Brubaker)
  • 2006 Harvey Award Winner – Best Writer (Captain America)
  • 2000 Prism Award (“Disguises” from Catwoman #17-19)

Ed Brubaker is one of the hottest comic writers out there.  Criminal, Incognito, Captain America, and Secret Avengers are all great reads and worth picking up.  Brubaker is the guy that brought Bucky back form the dead and did it in such a manner that fanboys around the world lined up to cheer.  Bucky, for those non-comic reading Nerdbastards, was the iconic side kick of Captain America who’s death at the end of World War II was always the secret torment of Cap.  Of all the dead Marvel comic book characters, Bucky was the one death no one ever expected to see reversed.

20th Century Fox has optioned Brubaker’s Incognito and signed Pulitzer prize winning playwright Robert Schenkkan to handle the script duties.   That’s right, the guy that played the high school consular in Pump Up the Volume.  Don’t pretend that you didn’t watch that movie, we all know better.  Now options are pretty much a dime a dozen and most never even get close to actually shooting the film.  I am hoping we see Incognito hit the big screen.  It’s great stuff.

Wil Wheaton is . . . Wil Wheaton – Internet Sensation.  I once posted that Wheaton is everywhere I turn these days.  Just about every show I like to watch has Wheaton making an appearance, Big Bang Theory, Eureka, The Guild, Leverage.

In the Dark–trailer from Basement Gang, Inc. on Vimeo

Recap of video:

Wheaton . . . gun with a soda bottle silencer . . . great look of hate on Wil’s face . . . Trouble pulling the trigger?

Nerdbastards will let you know when the entire film is released.  You can learn more about Eb Brubaker and Wil Wheaton at:


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