[Editors Note: ‘Guess Who Monday’ is a weekly feature here at nerdbastards, where we challenge you to take a look at the latest, grown up, former child star and see if you can guess who they use to be. ]

I am very happy to say that this week’s star of Guess Who is not  my patented “Buck Toothed Fuck Face” but no, she is an early 40’s, still holding it together Cougar.  Having been in a SUPER 80’s horror movie, not much loved by critics or horror fans alike, the movie I knew her from scared me shit-less for much of my youth. Much to my chagrin. Lets see who she was.Megan2

Its Megan Follows of Silver Bullet! Sister to the late Corey Haim and niece to batshit crazy Uncle Gary Busey (In the movie). Megan has stayed on screen doing at least 1 or 2 TV or Film projects a year all the way up til 2010.  Murder She wrote, Law and Order, Anne of Green Gables just to name 3 on her list.  I’m actually REALLY glad Megan has stayed on her game while so many fall to the wayside like Corey Haim….Oooh. Too soon?

Megan Follows, and a special  Corey Haim….We Speak Your Names

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