SNL Keeps Our Funny Bone Warm With ‘The Scarf’


Wow, the second SNL is able to make fun of something and actually have it be funny must mean you’re doing something wrong.  Recently, the show poked fun at the new NBC show, The Cape.  The shows plot revolves around  police officer Vince Faraday (David Lyons) who is framed for a the murder of his police captain by an evil corporation.  Just when we feel like all hope is lost for Faraday he has bestowed upon him ‘a cape’ which gives his superpowers.  Sounds kind of cool right?

However, leave it to folks at SNL to find a way to tear this concept to shreds!  In the sketch they mock The Cape by giving us a whole bunch of new super heroes to NBC, like, The Scarf, The Smock, and my personal favorite, The Leg Warmer. (Andy Samberg finds any excuse to get naked!)

Now, I haven’t seen The Cape but after reading about the premise and seeing a lot of the shows promo spots I’m kind of interred in checking it out.  I think it sounds cool and I’m happy that networks are willing to risk putting shows like this on the air. So what if the market is over-saturated  with caped crusaders and superhero/supernatural beings of all kinds. Like Jello, there’s always room.

So those of you who have had the chance to catch the show, what did ya think?

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