A bunch of new photos hit the web today from the filming of Marc Webb’s untitled Spiderman reboot.  There were the usual things associated with Spiderman, like a The Daily Bugle delivery van and a bunch of NYPD cars; however; what really got everyone’s “spidey senses” tingling was one particular picture of a sign posted outside of the Museum of Contemporary art in L.A. that cautioned people to be careful around animals.  Clearly, this must have something to do with Rhys Ifans character’s alter ego Lizard.  Who knows, maybe there is even a chance that the picture released of Andrew Garfield last week in which he looks as thought he took one brutal ass kicking is related to an altercation with the Lizard.  Check out the pictures after the jump and draw your own conclusions.  The Spiderman reboot which also stras Emma Stone, Dennis Leary and Martin Sheen will be swinging our way in 3D in July 2012!

Source: DailyBlam


NyPD Van

Animal Sign

Action Spidey

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