New Spartacus Enters the Arena of Blood and Sand


Last week Nerdbastards posted that Austrailian Liam Mcintyre was a front runner for the role of Spartacus. Andy Whitfield had to step away from the lead role in Spartacus: Blood and Sand last September when his cancer returned. Starz was left with two options: recast the role of Spartacus or cancel the series..  Starz confirmed their choice today.

When Spartacus Season 2 returns we can expect lots of sweat, skin, and tight abs.  I’m really excited about the news that Lucretia played by Lucy Lawless, will be returning to the second season!  We all know that Lucretia can be a cold hearted bitch when she feels slighted in the smallest way.  Wonder what kind of floodgate will be opened after taking a sword to the gut from the gladiator she loved.  Whole lot of Roman-spurned-woman-venom coming Criux’s way.

Wait, I just realized that I have written this whole post about Spartacus without using the word Merkin.  There, I thought I was leaving something out, I feel better now.

Don’t forget this Nerdbastards reminder:

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena starts this FRIDAY!  Set your DVR!

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