Superman’s Dirty Little Secret


One hundred thousand dollars to return the kidnapped President?  Why doesn’t Bruce Wayne just write a check?  He spends more than that each month just having the salt water jacuzzi tub changed at the Hall of Justice.  It’s Aquaman’s dirty little secret that his fish sack really stinks up the water.  They all have their own dirty little secrets.

Wonder Woman comes from an Island that doesn’t allow men . . . Batman has one old guy that he works to death in that huge mansion on the hill . . . The Flash has a some all to real “premature” issues . . . Martin Manhunter, well let’s just say that he got the “Manhunter” name hanging around rest rooms at public parks . . .

Don’t even get me started on the Marvel heroes, man do they have some serious hangups.

Who’s your favorite super hero and what’s their secret?

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