I still remember that moment when Gabe Newell, the main man behind Valve, showing up during Sony’s E3 press conference and saying how the PS3 version of Portal 2 (insert cake is a lie joke here) would be the best console version of the game. How you ask? It was later revealed that the PS3 will be receiving Steam integration, which means PS3 gamers would get updates/DLC the same time PC and Mac users would get their’s and unlike the money hungry Microsoft, you won’t have to pay for the free DLC.

But just in case the whole Steam integration wasn’t enough for you to be convince that the PS3 version would be the best console version, then hopefully the recent announcement will satisfy you greedy bastards. Valve just announced that if you do pick up the PS3 version of Portal 2, you will also get the game for free on the PC and Mac via voucher. Not only that, but the PS3 will have a cross platform feature with the PC and Mac. What more could you ask for?

It’s great to see that Sony has done whatever they can to make this all work as we all know that the PS3 version of the Orange Box was pretty much ass. Of course, me being the PS3 fanboy, I’m happy about this and I will be looking forward to getting me some trophies (can’t help it, I’m a trophy whore).

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