Geez, it seems as though Joss Whedon never stops working (thankfully!), on top of planning to direct The Avengers Whedon has also just wrapped up Buffy Season 8 and already has some thoughts on where he will take Season 9.  For those of you out there who don’t know (all 5 of you) Joss decided to continue his epic tv series via comic book in order to not let fans down, plus he still had a lot that he wanted to work out with the plot.

Season 8 was epic to say the least.  We had a ton of supernatural shit going down and also some betrayal going down (omg, like SO much drama!).  But seriously, no matter what kind of badass bad guy Whedon throws our way what really counts is the experience of the human condition and the journey that Whedon takes us on while experiencing it.  Let’s face it, the reason we all like Buffy so much is the fact that all of the characters are so easy to relate to.  Because when it comes down to it all the supernatural shit albeit cool, is really just flash in the pan.  What’s going on behind it is what really counts, as Whedon confirms,

I was so excited to finally have an unlimited budget that I wanted to make the book an epic, but I realized along the way that the things I loved the best were the things you loved the best: the peeps. The down-to-earth, recognizable people.

So what else did Joss allude to for Season 9 you may ask?  Whedon also had this to say,

You’ve got a sense of where we’re heading for Season 9. Back, a bit, to the everyday trials that made Buffy more than a superhero. That made her us…. No matter how interesting the world stage or mystical dimensions can be, Buffy’s best when she’s walking that alley, dusting vamps, and nursing a pouty heart.

So do agree with Whedon’s that Buffy is more about the people rather than the paranormal?

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