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Elysium was recently picked up by Sony in a reported (although unconfirmed) $120,000,000 deal. This will be a significant budget increase from Neil Blomkamp‘s previous and debut film, District 9’s $30 million.

Elysium, is set 100 years in the future on another planet.  The movie will be a big, extremely violent R-rated action sci-fi film, but will carry the same social allegory of District 9Sharlto Copley, Matt Damon and Jodie Foster have all signed on for undisclosed roles.

Director Neill Blomkamp has hired production designer Syd Mead (Aliens, Tron, Blade Runner) to join his upcoming film Elysium.  Production designer Syd Mead only has two films to his credit in the past decade, including Mission to Mars and Mission: Impossible III.  Mead was impressed with District 9 so much though that his interest piqued at the idea of joining Blomkamp’s second feature length film.  Elysium is set to begin filming in Vancouver this summer before moving on to shoot in Mexico City in the fall. The film is targeting a holidays 2012 release.

Now if Blomkamp can handle the extra pressure those extra production dollars bring I think we could see some good movie making here.  ‘District 9’ was great film making.  Syd Mead is a great production designer and we’ll expect great things from him.  I loved the look of Mission to Mars sets and costumes.  Combine that with the gritty look of Blade Runner and you have me in the theater seat.

source: THR

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