Dark Side Roast Coffee, Never Blow Up A Planet Without It.

Coming from the smart masses at ThinkGeek is the latest delight for coffee drinkers everywhere. ‘Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee’, a blend of three different coffees and two roasts  is a must have for any Sith lord to wake up to. Officially licensed as a Star Wars product collectors everywhere could be snatching this up faster than a Jabba eats cake. Anyone starting their day planning the destruction of a planet or building a planetary “Deathstar”  would be nuts to not to buy this ThinkGeek exclusive.

What’s Vader think of his brew?

Sure, Vader looks like he got cut from his cameo in Office Space , but if he’s drinking coffee with his face printed on the bag wouldn’t you? Luke Skywalker never got this kind of treatment and that’s because he doesn’t have beans Lord Vader does, a blend of African and Indonesian beans that is. Hand roasted by Stormtroopers and made for the Imperial elite it’ll beat drinking blue milk any day of the week. For every cup you drink you’ll come back stronger than before, or at least be able to stay awake during your boss’s morning meeting.

Embrace the dark roast, it grows strong in your coffee pot.

Via: ThinkGeek (This brew is is only $9.99)

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