Star Wars Episode 7 – What are the Odds

Star Wars 7

After watching this I may have to give more credit to Fett.  Maybe he couldn’t catch Han Solo without the help of Darth Vadar and half the Empire’s forces, hit the broad side of a barn with that blaster, or fly that rocket pack without running into something the size of said barn, but Boba gets some measure of revenge while: “In the Sarlac’s belly, Fett finds a new definition of pain and suffering as he is slowly digested over a thousand years”.

That is one hairy kid.  Does anyone know where I can get a copy of that Wookie’s Gone Wild DVD?  Not for me . . . it’s for a gag gift . . . for my borther . . . yeah . . . that’s it, for my brotheer.

From my Gmail instant messager:

Yes Luke, I will burn you one if someone comes through with a copy, no I don’t want to hear about your new “Wookie wanking” move.   You should be careful, I hear those Wookie’s like to rip off arms when their angry.

Star Wars Episode 7

Written & directed by Ksenia Selemon
Starring: Michelle Ciotta, Sean Reidy, Lorraine Cink, Michael T. Astolfi, Andrea Kornstein.
Shot and edited by Mike Selemon

Safety Scissors Production. Huge thanks to Sean Piazza and the Safety Scissors/Creative Differences team!!! Learn more about Creative Differences:

PS. It’s a parody made with love.

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