BBC’s Red Dwarf Making A Comeback?

Created in 1988, Red Dwarf was one of the top series for the BBC until it’s final season in 1999. Along with Doctor Who the adventures of Rimmer, Lister, the Cat and Kryten created a entire generation of British nerds. Created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor it spawned not only the best series in existence, but four bestselling novels, two pilot episodes for an American Red Dwarf, a radio version, tie-in books, magazines and other merchandise. With the lukewarm reception of 2009’s Red Dwarf: Back to Earth it could be walking on eggshells to take another crack at the comedic series. Filmed in front of a live audience and genuinely funny (before seasons 7 & 8) Red Dwarf deserves a proper comeback, at least one more time, for fans to enjoy.

How are they getting back to the Dwarf?

This new six-part series will once again be filmed, hopefully, in front of a live studio audience and set for a late 2012 debut. Actors Craig Charles (Lister) and Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) have confirmed the series coming back to air as well as their involvement in the new series. The entire main cast will return including Danny John-Jules (Cat) and Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Norman Lovett, who played the ship’s AI Holly, is unlikely to return. As for other supporting characters the decision is still up in the air as to who would be coming back.

Hoping to recapture the spirit of the fifth season in it’s original run without the near nothing budget of Back to Earth, it come be a second coming of Red Dwarf. As long as they can maintain the original comedic flair while updating it’s-self for a new generation of viewers to enjoy, it could make a huge impact. If Doug Naylor can find a suitable replacement for original writer Rob Grant they could take this ship all the way to the bank.

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