Fight the Foot – TMNT Fan Film

Hollywood executives would do well to start trolling the web for fan ( made videos like this.  Don’t give them much budget, but give them creative control to complete the finished product.  Then build your marketing around it.  These days it seems that Hollywood tries to market the damn things first, then throw lots of money at some director who may or may not give a crap about the subject matter or story “canon” of the subject.  Then we get lots and lots of robot testicle jokes

I’m not really that much of a TMNT fan, yes, I bought the first comics when they came out and enjoyed the series.  Then it went cartoony; don’t get me started on Vanilla Ice.  (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.)  Bring the TMNT back to their true comic-book roots.  Damn, those black and white comics where good.  I’ll be pulling those out of the box to re-read now.

If you have always been a TMNT fan you should take a look at Usagi Yojimbo ( by Stan Saki.  Stan is a master.  I keep wondering why no one has made a move to get this to the big screen or develop a cartoon about the wandering Rabbit Ronin.

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