AH-Mazing! Real Life ‘Little Big Planet’


Little Big Planet is one of those games that could be a hit or miss due to its floaty platform physics but it is one of those games that Playstation 3 owners must try once, especially trying those downloadable levels that shows the strong point of the game. And hey, girls dig the sack, Sackboy that is.

With the recent release of Little Big Planet 2, a group of awesome fans created their own Little Big Planet level but with a twist. That twist is that it was created in real life. That is right folks, Little Big Planet in real life. It may sound silly but with all the details they put in the video, from the sound effects to all the paper craft that looks like stuff from the game, this video is simply AH-Mazing!

Start your Monday right with this video as it’ll leave you smiling like it did with me and seriously, if you own a PS3 and haven’t tried Little Big Planet yet, well it’s never too late to get some sack in your lives.

Source: Geekologie

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