Spartacus: Gods of the Arena premiered last Friday with all the blood, gore, and gloriously sweaty full frontal nudity that any geeky fan boy or girl could want.  The opening retells the all too deserved death of Batiatus at the hands of Spartacus, thus ending the first season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  As Batiatus lays next to his wife dieing, his minds eye flashes back to the days before Spartacus, the days where the Gods of the Arena ruled his world.

While Batiatus at the edge of death dreams of days long gone we the viewer are treated to the opportunity to see many of the cast before we knew them, the chance to see that tipping point that drove the characters into those we loved to love, or hate in Blood and Sands.

If you are in need of a new drinking game for your party friends just play Spartacus: Cock and Drink. Every time a character says the word “cock” everyone drinks.  Last one standing after the episode wins.  First one that falls gets the magic marker treatment.

Overall this opening episode for Gods of the Arena was a great starting point.  Bring on the blood, the sweat, and the Merkins!

Couple of interesting things I noticed:

Crixus – We get to see Crixus before he gained his fighting skills.  Unlike Spartacus who entered the Ludas a proven soldier, Crixus seems to have little fighting skills beyond his desire.  Watching how this is turned into a champion of the arena and how his hatred of Asher is formed will be a delight.

Oenomaus – Know to viewers as Doctore from Blood and Sands, Oenomaus is found in much the same position Crixus was in after suffering an honorable defeat in the arena.  Recovered form his wounds Oenomaus wants back on the sands to prove his worth.  The addition to the cast of  Melitta (Marissa Ramirez) as Oenomaus’s wife and personal slave to Lucretia helps flesh out Oenomaus and his desires and needs.

Batiatus – I loved seeing his own quotes thrown at him, “The question is but price.”  Then a terrible beating.

Gannicus – This guy is Conan without the brooding.  Gannicus, so full of himself that he sees no one he can’t defeat in the arena, and nothing he won’t enjoy outside the arena.  He is the drinking, drugging, whoring, hotel room destroying party like a rock star of the Roman empire.

Ashur – I can’t wait to see how Asher and Crixus play out.  Asher played a much bigger part in Blood and Sands than I thought he would, I imagine that will also be the case in Gods of the Arena.

Solonius – Watching him go from friend and confidant of Batiatus to his most detested foe will be a treat.

Lucretia – Watch her fall from grace.  She seems so innocent in the opening episode.

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