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Even without an official DVD release date for the second one a third Tron is supposedly already in the works!  Really…Really, Disney (Insert Amy Poehler/Seth Meyer ‘really’ voices)?    But the folks won’t let a pesky little thing like a DVD release date stop them from circulating rumors that there are scenes from the next Tron film on the Blu-Ray release.  So what are these scenes exactly?

One has Bruce Boxleitner playing Alan and Dan Shor playing Ram. Another scene shows Olivia Wilde as Quorra arriving at the ENCOM building, where she is mobbed by press as she claims to have just spoken to Kevin Flynn. Finally there were test shots for some interaction between Ed Dillinger (played by David Warner in Tron) and his son (played by Cillian Murphy in a Tron Legacy cameo) “stating that everything is going as planned.”

Also, there is a picture supposedly where the scene between Bruce Boxleitner and Dan Shor takes place that is floating around that you can check out after the jump!  So my big question is… when a film doesn’t gross NEARLY what it cost to make why would another one be green-lit?

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