Throughout 2010, the internet has been buzzing news about a sequel to Kick-Ass. We got a title name, Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, Matthew Vaughn showing interest to return to direct the sequel, and Mark Miller saying that filming for the second film would start this spring. Well, it seems that Miller may have been just saying things as it was revealed recently that Kick-Ass 2 is currently not in the works.

Jane Goldman, who co-wrote Kick-Ass with Vaughn and doing the same with X-Men: First Class, had this to say about the recent reports about Kick-Ass 2 on Twitter:

“Saw a few erroneous reports today that I’m currently writing Kick Ass 2 script – sorry if anyone’s disappointed, but not true.”

Goldman later revealed that she is currently working on two projects, with one being Vaughn’s next project. While it may suck-ass that we’re not getting Kick-Ass 2 anytime soon, it may be worth the wait seeing how Vaughn is currently busy making sure fans will enjoy X-Men: First Class.

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