This is just one of those moments that proves just how big Kevin Smith’s brass balls really are (compared to his dick). ‘Red State’, Kevin Smith’s first foray into horror, tells a controversial tale of a preacher who gives a whole new meaning to the term “extreme fundamentalism”. It has gained an
surplus of online attention not only for it’s touchy subject matter, but for the directors refusal to do press, and his battles with bloggers.
Smith brought it to Sundance Film Festival 2011 as a non-competition film with promise of a post-premiere auction for the distribution rights. Now Smith has pulled one of what can only be called the single greatest move since Sundance’s inception. He bought his own movie for $20 and plans to distribute it himself.

$20 for his own movie, what?

He apparently decided against ’studio’ distribution and has now planned to take the movie on the road. That’s not the kicker however as Kevin’s finishing stroke was to pay himself $20 to distribute the movie on DVD under his own “Smodcast Pictures” banner.

“What we need to prove is that anyone can release a movie,” Smith said from the Eccles stage after the movie ended during which he also praised Harvey Weinstein. “Indie film isn’t dead, it just grew up.” Planning for a October 19th release, the now straight to DVD film will not be released in March as originally planned but taken on the road in hopes that this tour will make a percentage of the budget. The 19th also coincides with the 17th anniversary of Kevin’s first film Clerks.

Author Neil Gaiman posted a comment on his Twitter feed saying: “Best thing he’s ever done. Left me shaken & grateful & wanting to make art.” The man known for making his bread and butter off of dick and fart jokes made Gaiman want to make art, that takes not only talent but what people say Smith lacks, skill. Sure, some of his movies were forgettable (that didn’t stop this writer from buying every one), but he’s doing what he always wanted to do and that’s make movies. Getting a career, a hot wife, a daughter and making his own label, he’s making himself happy doing what he wanted to do. He’s right, the Indie film did grow up and it not only turned 40 but it made “snoogans” a household term for a generation that grew up and keep watching his movies.

Where can you see ‘Red State’? Check out the full “Red State USA Tour,” below:

Here is the full list of dates and locations:

March 5th – Radio City Music Hall
March 6th – Wilbur Theater in Boston
March 8th – Harris Theater in Chicago
March 9th – State Theater in Minneapolis
March 10th – Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor
March 11th – Indianapolis, IN
March 12th – Midland Theater, Kansas City
March 14th – Springfield, OH
March 22nd – Paramount Theater, Denver
March 26th – McCalister theater, New Orleans
March 28th – Paramount Theater, Austin
March 29th – Cobb Energy Center, Atlanta
April 4th – McCaw Hall in Seattle

If the tour does well, Smith will reopen the tour later on. But either way, he hopes to pay back the entire $4 million budget of the film by the time it opens in October 2011. See all the details here.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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