1 X-Box = 1 Ransom Payment


Some people always ask “How much is a human being worth?” With all our organs, bones & blood we fetch a hefty price on the “Black Market” but for one Tennessee man he found out the hard way what he was actually worth. Where most people will pay anything to have a loved one brought back to them safe and sound, all it cost this man was a X-box 360.

How is one man worth one X-box?

A man by the name of Allen Begley was the victim of kidnapping after being accused of theft by his father-in-law. According to the filed police report.

Allen Begley was kidnapped by his father-in-law, who accused him of thievery. Begley says his kidnapper, Joshua Seal, also his employer, demanded payment from his son-in-law, ultimately attempting to beat it out of him. Begley turned to his mother-in-law, who in turn went to a neighbor, who coughed up an Xbox 360 “valued at $400 to $500.”

It sucks to get your ass handed to you by a family member any day of the week, but this will make any future christmas gatherings a little bit more interesting. Naturally, Seal and an accomplice were arrested due to their involvement in the kidnapping and assault on Begley. You don’t just call this spilt milk and get over it like that. Family may be family but when you life is valued at the cost of a game console you need to double lock your doors.
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