C-3PO: The Suicidal Service Droid

c3po kills himself in a bathtub

Made of circuits, filled with wires and fluent “in over six million forms of communication”, he’s covered in gold and loved by all. A few people in this world however really hate the good old C-3PO with a passion that only the Emperor could have. These select people hate this solid Star Wars character enough to create a site site solely based on his destruction. Like a mass of Stormtroopers racing into the halls of Princess Leia‘s Tantive IV they post all about the Golden bodied droid’s killing himself in various ways.

A robot killing itself?

Called c3posuicides, the site consists of various posting depicting how C-3PO could dismantle himself. From being electrocuted in “The Shocker” to getting split in half by a speeding train in “Swing Low”, each accompanied by its own letter of reasoning. Who knew that the droid built to serve would have such a “Dark Side” (zing). If you hate this metal man as much as the poster of the site does you could always encourage him to ‘Do it again’, making yet another depiction of the protocol droid’s demise.

Via: c3po suicides


3po has gone the way of the VW Bug

c3po shocks himself to death

C3po dead in a flop house

Waiting, Dying, Death

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