“And I’m prouuuuud to be an American,” in the United  States as well as many other countries, but just not in Russia, the Ukraine, and South Korea where apparently being American isn’t in fashion this year.  Because of this, Marvel’s beloved comic-to-movie Captain America: The First Avenger title will be changed dropping, well, the “Captain America” part.

The L.A. Times reported,

In private, Marvel insiders said that early on in the project’s planning there was talk that the title might need to be changed in numerous international markets but that there was a “pleasant surprise”—the brand recognition of the comic-book superhero was so strong that it overrode those considerations in many places. That was not the case in Russia, South Korea and the Ukraine.

Clearly, this is not the first time the title of something has been changed for various silly reasons.  For example, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was changed from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone due to the fact that it was perceived that Americans would be less inclined to read something with “Philosopher” on it (what’s with the hatin’ on America!?).  However, that other title did kind of blow.  But my question is, “will you stand up..?” and see Captain America when it comes out?

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