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Welcome gaming bastards to another edition of G.R.O.W. This is NerdBastards weekly video game release list where we give y’all a heads up on what was released for the consoles and PC (and sometimes the MAC). We also cover downloadable titles as well.

We got a few releases to check out where one game will do what it can to scare the living shit our of you (also a game that your mom hates). After that, we got a standard fantasy RPG as well as a Monster Hunter-esque game for the PSP. Then we end it off we two downloadable games you should check out.

So what are y’all waiting for? Check after the jump to see if there is anything coming out that will make your wallets cry!

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is a third-person horror survival game in which players must battle an alien infestation straight out of a nightmare. Follow-up game to 2008’s original Dead Space, in this new release players explore a whole new terrifying game environment and battle the Necromorph abominations utilizing new weapons and tools such as the powerful javelin gun and a new space suit with built-in booster rockets. Additional game features include: improved telekinesis powers and online multiplayer functionality.

Collectors Edition includes: Isaac Clark’s collectible replica Plasma Cutter. Plasma Cutter is modeled from the new design in Dead Space 2 and features trigger activated LED lights; The Dead Space 2 Original Soundtrack. Soundtrack features an hour of music compiled from the score of Dead Space 2 and a scoring of the Dead Space 2 featurette; Rare lithograph depicting Necromorph transformation concept art by Visceral Games artist Brett Marting; Isaac Unitology Suit and accompanying Force Gun in-game items. Each offer unique advantages to the player when used in Dead Space 2; Dead Space Extraction (PS3 Only).

Visceral Games did it again with Dead Space 2 by hitting all the notes right. Both the atmosphere and gameplay will satisfy you while the scares, whether it be cheap jump scares or genuine holy shit scares, will give you a memorable experience. If there seems to be one negative, you can say that maybe the story could be better but y’all know it’s about the experience with this game.

Available: 360 Collectors Edition, 360, PS3 Collectors Edition, PS3, PC

Two Worlds II

Return to the vast world of Antaloor in Two Worlds II. Building upon the original game, Two Worlds II offers the willing adventurer a unique and thrilling RPG experience unrivaled in the current RPG landscape. Two Worlds II features a completely new game engine pushing hardware to its limits, as well as a revised combat system, new enemies, improved animations and an enhanced AI and multiplayer support. This combined with the extremely detailed, interactive environment will be sure to make Two Worlds II a must-have title for RPG fans.

Looking for a standard fantasy RPG that will help you kill time? Then this game may do it for you as it improves everything from the first game.

Available: 360, PS3, PC

Lord of Arcana

This world is called Horodyn, so named for its first king. At the edge of a village surrounded by a huge forest lies the powerful stone Arcana, the source of all order in the world. It is said that only one with power can acquire Arcana. Slayers annihilate hordes of monsters, so that they could lay their hands on Arcana. What power does it hold within? And to what destiny is one with Arcana bound?

This handheld game is all sorts of random goodness as it has Hidetaka Suehiro, of Deadly Premonition fame, as developmental director, Todd McFarlane designing some monsters, and some music from Nobuo Uematsu. If you been looking for some Monster Hunter style gameplay, then check this game out as it may prove worthy of your time.

Available: PSP

Downloadable Games You Should Check Out:

Monday Night Combat (PC)
Dead Space Extraction (PSN)

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