Ode to a Geek- A Song To Ease Your Troubled Mind


It’s interesting how life turns.  Out of millions of boring, lame, and just uninteresting Internet videos you finally stumble across a gem or two.  “Some days the Internet giveth, and some days the Internet taketh away.”  (I say that while wearing my best bed sheets toga style.  I like to dress when watching Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.)

The other day the Internet, after being beaten into submission with repeated clicks of my mighty mouse, coughed up a little Star Wars gem from ‘Creative Differences‘ . I got a nice chuckle, and an article out of this “Fight Club” style Internet exchange.

Then the boss-man Luke, (Yes, he does sound like that Prison Boss-man in Cool Hand Luke. Well, at least he does in my head when I read his emails.) sent me a message saying, “Mark, take a look at this and write it up something good.”  So I stopped shovelin’ my dirt out of Boss Luke’s ditch, wiped the sweat from my brow, did a little jog into the bunkhouse, my chains clickin’ and clackin’ along the way, grabbed a soda and a hard boiled egg, and settled down in front of this here computer.


Seems that Lorraine, sent Nerdbastards a nice little thank you note for posting that Star Wars video and sent Nerdbastards another video to take a gander at.   So I clicked my mouse a couple of times, started the video, and thought,  “Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lorraine.”

(Lyrics and bonus videos after the Jump)

She sure is purrty, and she sings too.  So I continued my Internet battle, clickin’ here and clickin’ there.  I used my Internet hounds to backtrack to Girls Side Rules blog and found some other great little video blogs that eased my troubled mind.  Life is hard on the Nerdbastard Chain gang, any little ember of happiness needs to be tended and enjoyed.  So y’all go on, click on over to Girls Side Rules, get you some embers to tend.

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