Some One In The Fantastic Four Dies Tomorrow


On the day before the comics release, a lot of major newspapers are reporting about tomorrow’s Fantastic Four issue that will feature one of the members dying. As to why Wall Street and NY Times would spoil this on the day before, who knows but the news has made it to the internet and is giving Marvel some advertisment.

Update: Thanks to the two fine readers who commented, ahadiel and Tumadre, they have informed me that Marvel released the issue early today, so go out to your local comic book store to see which Fantastic Four member dies.

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The character that dies is The Human Torch. As to why, well head on over to Comic Alliance as they have an awesome write up about this and a good way to catch up if you haven’t been following Jonathan Hickman’s run of the Fantastic Four.

It does make me wonder thou as to why newspapers are reporting this since I really don’t see The Human Torch as a major character. Either way, in the world of comics, no one really dies forever so who knows how long this death will last.

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