Stan Lee Pucks Up The NHL Guardians


I never thought that I would yearn for the good old days of SuperPro.  Yeah, I said it.  Stan is the Man but sometimes even the man should know when to pass up a quick buck.

“But Mark,” you say, “Hockey could use some heroes, and Stan Lee is awesome!”

Hockey wants some new exposure, some new hype?  Why not pass out remote controllers so fans can control the action like the old days of table top hockey?

The NHL Guardian Project, has Lee turning each team name into a superhero. It does have some slick designs, and professional videos.

“Aquatic danger sense”  “Water Breathing”   C’mon, these look like they went through some cookie cutter super hero machine.  “OK, throw everything you know about Sharks into the hopper.  Stan, turn the crank!”  Out comes “The Shark”.  Stan Lee really just Pucked up some team mascots.

Even Van Damne couldn’t make Hockey exciting with terrorists and gun fights.

After years of Who Wants to be a Superhero, Stan Lee’s Condor, Mosaic, Stan Lee’s take on DC heroes Just Imagine I am ready for Stan to sit back and let the younger crowd take the reins.  Hey, Stan revolutionized the comic book industry, now it’s time to sit on a convention panel, answer fan boy questions, and take pictures with Cosplay Leia slave girls.

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